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Securing Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the most common points of entry for burglars to enter your home – so it’s an absolute home security must to make sure that they are both secure. It’s always important to predict any potential holes in your security, so that they can be addressed quickly before any unfortunate incident pops […]

Jiggler keys and burglary

There’s a new burglary tool being used called jiggler keys – they can be purchased online, or configured from existing car keys. When placed in the hands of a thief, especially one with an amount of persistence, these keys can be used to activate your ignition and allow the criminal to drive away inside your […]

Avoiding Car Lockouts

If you’ve been locked outside of your car in the past, then you understand how awful, inconveniencing, and stressful it can be. It’s even worse when it happens in the middle of the night, if you’re stranded in a place you’re not familiar with, or if you’re in a rush to get to an important […]

Back to School Security

With the end of August comes the beginning of the new school year. Swimwear and beach gear has disappeared from store aisles and been replaced with backpacks and school supplies. It’s important to teach children various safety tips in preparation for the new year so that they can be more responsible and safer. Schoolbus Safety […]

Monitored Security Systems

Installing a home or office alarm and monitored security system can protect your property and loved ones. Without a monitored system, your alarm only works to the extent that somebody is there to hear it and manually call the police to notify them of a breaking or fire. If you want complete protection regardless of […]

Staying Safe at a Political Rally

Now that the 2016 political cycle is coming to a head, many of you will be attending political rallies before November. Things are really starting to heat up and come to a crunch point,  and often, tensions at these events can rise quickly. When you pack 20,000 people into a venue debating politics, chaos, fighting, […]

Protecting Your Beach Bag

Beach trips exemplify the best aspects of the summer. Regardless of whether you’re at your local shore or on vacation and an exciting spot, there’s some universally applicable methods that you can implement to ensure that you won’t lose your beach bag or any of your belongings. It may come as a surprise to some […]

Security on the Beach

Now that summer is in full gear, you’re (hopefully) going to be spending more time in the surf and sand. Unfortunately, just as in the city, criminals are out and about on the beach, and it’s important to protect your things in order to prevent theft.  Here are some excellent security tips that can keep […]

Airport Security Tips

  When you’re heading out on a summer vacation, it’s important to remain vigilant in keeping watch of your luggage. Not only is theft common in hotels, it is in airports as well. In this blog entry we’ll discuss five fantastic strategies to live by to make sure that your luggage remains safely at your […]


Intercom systems are used in a wide variety of applications, in both residential and commercial venues. In 2016, the simple traditional push-button system has been left behind in lieu of smarter design. Many of the contemporary intercoms boast features that range from live video to a choice of electrical system powering. Many interior units allow […]

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